Slogan Maker: How to Make a Slogan & Use Business Tagline Makers


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As an organization that is passionate about slogans, we were astonished to see how many people search the Internet for the term “slogan maker.” We've heard of bread makers. We've heard of the candlestick maker in nursery rhymes. We've even heard of a boxing punch known as a Hey-maker. But what exactly is a slogan maker?

We got to thinking. Maybe people search the term slogan maker because they have little idea on the best route on how to make a slogan.

If you really wanted to define the ways catchphrases, taglines and catchy slogans are generated, then we guess you could say there are four kinds of slogan makers out there. Or stated a little more accurately, there are four different ways one could go about getting an effective slogan or tagline. We're about to list them all in order from what we feel is the worst way to make a tagline or slogan to the best “slogan maker” option we’ve seen out there.


1. Write the Slogan Yourself

The obvious first option to creating your own slogan is to write it yourself. And that isn't a bad option if you've got the wits, time and talent for it. But you'd be surprised… sometimes you really have to sit and think to get that eventual "a-ha!" moment. Writing slogans is in many ways, a marketing and sales art. You have to convey your business’ values' benefits that you offer your customers, and "catchiness" all in one simple, small sentence.

Pros : No monetary cost.

Cons : Time consuming, may give you a headache, can be frustrating. Limiting yourself to seeing all the possible variations of your slogan.

2.The Automated Website

This is an automatic computer processing method that gives you an AI-generated slogan result. There are many free tools online that do this. The problem is, usually the AI is limited and doesn't excel in all areas needed to write a catchy slogan that also perfectly conveys your business values and tone. The machine just takes all the possible keywords you give it and spits out random variations of phrases.

It uses an algorithm to put keywords together in the hopes of generating a slogan. Usually a free service that makes money from advertising, your chance of getting a good slogan or tagline is probably about the same as your chance of winning the lottery.  For example a site like the sloganizer will randomly insert words like "quality" and phrases like "you'll love this."  So you do end up with a short group of words but will it be remembered by anyone?  Probably not.  Well maybe people would remember it by thinking, "Remember that awful slogan that sounded like it was generated by a computer program"? Your slogan is a direct reflection on you and your business so if nothing else, make sure it's not "written" by a sloganizer, automated program or any other entity lacking an actual brain.

Pros : No monetary cost, quick results.

Cons : Hard to get a witty, personal tone out of a machine-generated result. Machines don’t have the human element of attitude and tonality.

3.The Freelancer or Advertising Agency

This is a slogan maker that is in some ways not dissimilar to the candlestick maker in that it's one person, usually a solo freelance writer, or an agency, who will be making slogans and taglines for clients.

Freelancer :  While you might get some decent options, going with one person to solve your problem is risky.  First, you're putting your eggs all in one basket.  Unlike even the sloganizer automated website, freelancers get sick, they have writers block, they decide to take a job at that agency that finally has an opening.  Lots of things can happen that can leave you in the lurch.  Plus you're just getting the perspective of a single writer.  There is a cost involved that can range of the reasonable to the outrageous.  Generally you could expect to be charged anywhere from $800 - $2000 depending on the writer’s skill, experience, reputation and demand.  Often those rates pale in comparison to your next slogan making option, the marketing agency.

Advertising Agency : In this scenario, you don't have to worry about the risk factor involved with hiring a freelance slogan writer. Advertising slogans are often created by a team of writers, each with a different perspective.  Plus, unlike a freelance slogan writer, there's not much of a chance an entire agency is going to decide to take three months off to backpack Europe in the middle of an assignment.  Advertising agencies usually have very good talent as well, meaning you'll hopefully get good work and multiple options. The problem with this slogan maker service is in price and turnaround time.  Obviously, reserving the time of multiple slogan makers can lead to a pretty substantial bill.  Also, because many ad firms book projects out weeks in advance and are often taking on more work than they can actually handle, it's often 4-6 weeks before you would see any work.  If you can wait that long, fine, but many people want to start putting a slogan into action immediately so it's not an ideal situation.  

Pros :  You'll get a high quality slogan.

Cons :  Branding agencies / freelancers can charge a lot for these types of services. It can really add up.

4.The Best Option to Make a Slogan – Slogan Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing slogans are a fairly recent phenomenon.  Often called the ultimate slogan generator, this process involves creating slogans by starting a slogan contest. Slogan Slingers is the leader in this particular category.  Here's how it works.  First you would describe your needs – just like you would do to an ad agency or solo writer.  Then you determine the price….Yes, you determine the price. You can set a contest prize usually for as little as $50 to near $1000 (even the upper range can be less than a freelance slogan writer or ad agency's minimum charge). Then an alert goes out to writers who have registered with the site.  This can include moonlighting ad agency writers, freelancers and even talented amateurs.  Some contests see well over 100 submissions encompassing a lot of different styles and approaches.  The prize money goes to the writer who has submitted the slogan you love the best.  Even better, the turnaround is 7 days and you can pick a winner even before then if you feel the perfect line has been submitted.

Pros : The best mix of high quality slogans at the lowest price.

Cons : You have to invest a bit more than the free options.

No matter which route you choose, just about every marketing expert would tell you that a slogan can really make an impact on your organization. So whether you need a restaurant slogan,law firm slogan, accounting slogan or anything else, take action. Now you know how to make a slogan and what your business tagline maker options are. Find a slogan maker approach that works for you. You'll be glad you did!

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