Slogan Slingers: The Most Effective New Slogan Generator On The Web


Slogan Generator A Slogan Generator Like No Other

Are you sick and tired of slogan generator websites and applications that give you nothing but a randomly generated list of phrases that are little more than words jammed together by a piece of software? Some of these so-called tagline and slogan maker sites give you work so poor, you'd be better off not using slogans or taglines at all.

Well there is now an alternative that leverages talented writers to generate your slogans. It’s called Slogan Slingers (click here to view) and it uses a highly effective process called crowdsourcing. That means it relies upon a crowd of different people to come up with an answer to a problem versus just relying on a single source.


Slogan Slingers does this by letting users launch an old-fashioned slogan writing contest on the web. Contest holders fill out a strategy brief detailing their needs, set their contest prize amount and an email is sent to hundreds of writers all over the world who are registered with the site.  They're invited to take part in the contest.



The contestants (writers) come up with slogans, taglines, (or tag lines) which the contest holder then ranks. The contest holder picks his or her favorite slogan or tagline and the writer gets the cash prize. The advantage to this is that the contest holder gets to choose from lots of slogan and tagline options from a long list of talented writers.


No More Word Mashing and Smashing

Relying upon any other approach to create slogans and taglines makes absolutely no sense. Automated software has no creativity, no taste, no sensitivity and no judgment. It uses a mathematical formula to pick words. It has no way to tell what’s good and what’s bad or what’s offensive.


You still need real writers.  You just need a process that works a lot better than hiring an expensive individual or agency who provides limited choices for your tag line.  That's why national publications like CNBC and Entrepreneur Magazine are highlighting Slogan Slingers as the ultimate slogan generator.  The final price is more than fair, you get tremendous selection and there's a quick turnaround time.  Plus the website is just plain fun to use.



Think Outside the Box

Slogan Slingers was created by an experienced advertising industry veteran who wanted a new way of doing things.  From the moment you come to the site you'll find the experience is a lot more enjoyable and a lot less stressful than the traditional approaches to slogan development.


With this slogan generator, you simply open up a contest and slogan submissions start coming in, often within hours.  


In today’s highly competitive world, businesses, non-profits and political campaigns need every edge they can get. They need to be as professional as possible while keeping expenditures down.  For many, there's no better solution than Slogan Slingers.


Unlike a sloganizer, Slogan Slingers is a real slogan generator because it utilizes real writers to do the work. The results are amazing.  Try a different approach next time you need a slogan or tagline. Try setting up a Slogan Slingers contest.